Frequently Asked Questions


What is iParkit?

iParkit is an app created specifically for InterPark garages. You can purchase a pre-paid reservation and receive a QR code that you can scan to enter or exit. We are also rolling out a pay as you program that works by scanning your Express Pass QR code. You can scan using your smart phone from our app or your confirmation email. You can also print your QR code for scanning.

What cities can iParkit be used in?

You can currently purchase hourly / daily parking in Chicago (18 garages), Philadelphia (6 garages) and Baltimore (3 garages). Coming soon to Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. You can sign up for monthly parking in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Washington DC.

Which Browsers or Operating Systems does iParkit work best on?

On an Internet browser, we recommend Chrome or IE10 or later. For iOS, our app is compatible with version 9 or later. On Android, our app is compatible with version 5 or later.

Can I buy monthly parking from iParkit?

Yes you can! Please click the "monthly" link along the top of this page or go to

Do I get in and out privileges with my pre-paid reservation?

In and out privileges allow the parker to enter and exit the garage as many times as s/he would like within the reservation period. Reservations that are not tied to a specific event have in/out privileges. You will see the in/out messaging on the location page and on your receipt.

Can I enter the garage after my reservation starts?

Absolutely! You can scan in any time before your reservation exit time. We recommend giving yourself a little cushion to make sure you do not arrive early. If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, there will be an overage charge that varies by garage.

What happens if I stay past my reservation end time?

There is a 15 minute grace period after your reservation ends that allows you to exit without any additional charges. However, if you leave more than 15 minutes after your reservation end time, you will be subject to an overage charge that varies by garage. We recommend giving yourself at least an hour cushion if you are unsure of when you will be able to leave the garage.

Can I buy a reservation for someone else?

That is certainly nice of you! The easiest way to do that is to purchase the reservation using your account and once you get your email confirmation of the purchase, forward that reservation with the barcode to that lucky someone!

Can I change my reservation? Can I edit my reservation? Can I extend my reservation?

Yes you can! Prior to you reservation starting, you can change both the start and end time. We will automatically cancel your existing reservation and create you a new one. If during your reservation period you need to stay longer, you can extend your reservation length. To edit your reservation, you must have an account. You cannot extend your reservation once it has ended.

What’s the refund and cancellation policy?

For pre-paid reservations, we allow you to cancel up to the time your reservations starts. Our website and apps allow you to do this yourself - you just need an account. You can cancel a reservation by going to your receipt in the app or on It can take up to 10 business days for the credit to be applied back to your credit card. If you need to cancel after your reservation time has started or need a refund for a different reason, please contact us at

Is the online rate the same as the posted rate I would pay at the garage?

In general, the online rate is better than the posted rate at the location. While this may not hold true for every scenario, it is true in most cases. The posted rate is unlikely to match the online rate.

How do I delete or remove my account?

Simply send us an email from the account you wish to delete and let us know in the subject or body to delete the account.

What happens if I cannot find my reservation?

If you have an account, simply log into your account and go to MY RECEIPTS to find all of your reservations. If you purchased as a guest, in our app go to FIND RECEIPT in the menu.

How do I change my default credit card?

Under MY ACCOUNT you can change your default card. You must always have a credit card on file, so if you want to change your default card or delete a card, you must add your new card first.

How do I find or print my receipts?

If you are a registered user, go to MY RECEIPTS from the app menu (top left hand corner) to view. From the web, go to MY ACCOUNT and in the top right of the My Account page you will see MY RECEIPTS. If you do not have an account, from the app, go to FIND MY RECEIPT and enter your information.

Am I able to change which credit card I pay with depending if it's a work or personal expense?

Yes. You just need to go into MY ACCOUNT and change your default card before you purchase the reservation or scan out if using iParkit Express.

How do I create an account?

There are two ways to create an account. You can create one while making a reservation by putting in a password - the account will not be created until you finish your purchase. The other way is to go to REGISTER and put in your email and password. You will complete the registration process once your payment information is completed.

What if I do not have an iPhone or Android device? Can I use a different smartphone?

Yes. iParkit and all of its features (pre-paid reservations and iParkit Express) can be accessed via any web browser on a desktop, laptop and any smartphone at

Using iParkit in the Garages

How do I get enter and exit the garage using iParkit?

Most of our garages have a black and grey scanner that is located before you get to the ticket dispenser. A small handful of garages have a scanner that is attached to the actual ticket dispenser. It is very important that you scan in and scan out to lift the gate. Please do not pull a ticket. If you are having trouble scanning, please see below for more tips or hit the call button on the ticket dispenser.

What happens if I pull a ticket at the entrance instead of scanning in?

Before you get into to exit the garage, you will need to go to the garage office and give the on-duty manager your pulled parking ticket and your pre-paid validation ticket. They will then validate your ticket or vend the gate to allow you to exit.

What are the best ways to make sure my barcode will scan?

One of the best ways to ensure your barcode will scan is to turn your phone screen’s brightness all the way up. If you tap the barcode, in the iParkit app, your screen will automatically brighten. Sometimes screen protectors make it difficult for the scanner to read the barcode, so you might have to try holding your phone at different angles. If you are using a printed barcode, please be sure the barcode is printed clearly and you are not using a printer with low toner.

How long do I need to wait after making a reservation until I can scan in?

It takes about 5 minutes after you make a purchase on iParkit until our scanners will recognize the barcode as valid.

Trouble scanning or cannot scan barcode?

There are a lot of things that play into our scanners scanning our iParkit QR code: correct reservation time, time, date and location. Our scanners will ALWAYS scan an iParkit reservation or iParkit Express QR code. If something is wrong, you will get an error message on the scanner. If you do not get a message from the scanner, the QR code is either too far or too close to the red flashing lights on the scanner.

iParkit Express

What is iParkit Express?

iParkit Express was built specifically for parkers who frequently park downtown. Using the iParkit app, you can use a program code to link your credit card to a bar code. You are then only charged if you use your bar code, which is re-usable. There is no need to pre-pay for an online purchase. You do not need to pull a ticket or pay in the lobby. Simply scan in and scan out. We automatically charge your credit card on file and then email you a receipt. To learn more, please visit

What is my iParkit Express Program Code?

The garage office can help you with the specifics of any program and if you are eligible. Your code is based on eligibility for a specific program.

What is the advantage of iParkit Express?

The goal with iParkit Express is to make it even easier for you to use our garages. If you purchase parking online today, iParkit Express eliminates the step of pre-paying everyday for your reservation. If you currently pay at the location for your parking, there is no need to pull a ticket at the entrance and eliminates your need to stop and pay in the lobby. Depending on the program, you may also be eligible for a discounted rate.

What is the difference between buying a pre-paid parking reservation on iParkit and using iParkit Express?

iParkit lets you pay for parking in two different ways. You can tap or click on any location on the map screen and pre-pay for a time that has a specific start and stop time associated with the reservation. For iParkit Express, the rates associated with your specific program are good for a time range. This means as long as you enter and exit within that time range, you will qualify for your program's rate. This gives you a little more flexibility so you do not need to guess the exact time you will arrive at the garage. It also saves you a couple of minutes each day that you would have used reserving your spot.

Why am I unable to register for my iParkit Express Program?

Most of our iParkit Express programs require you to create an account with a specified email domain. This domain is generally your company or school email. To create an account: [1] Download the iParkit app [2] Register your email (work/school email only), create a password, (formatted as listed) and enter your credit card info [3] Once registered, open the app [4] Enter your email and password - click DONE on your phone keyboard [5] Click the white arrow/CONTINUE at the bottom of the screen [6] Open the menu, click on MY ACCOUNT, and scroll down to PROGRAM INFO [7] Enter your program code, click SAVE (may have to wait a few seconds for the Save button to appear) [8] Click on ADD PROGRAM [9] Click on CONFIRM PROGRAM [10] Open the menu and click on PROGRAM PASS

I have an account, where's my Program Pass and discounted rate?

Sometimes, new Express customers, try to make a reservation and apply their PROGRAM code where a PROMO code goes at checkout. Here's how to make sure you're using your PROGRAM code to get your PROGRAM Pass: [1] Open the menu, click on MY ACCOUNT, and scroll down to PROGRAM INFO [2] Enter the PROGRAM CODE, click SAVE (may have to wait a few seconds for the Save button to appear) [3] Click on ADD PROGRAM [4] Click on CONFIRM PROGRAM [5] Open the menu and click on PROGRAM PASS

My barcode didn't work and I wasn't able to scan in and/or out, is there something I need to do?

If you have issues using your Program Pass at the entrance or exit, a lot of time, an attendant will raise the gate for you. In order for our system to stay in sequence, please email your MINT number to to make sure we have marked you in or out based on your feedback.

Do I get in and out privileges with my iParkit Express Program Pass?

No, even if your rate is good for 24 hours, we do not allow in and out privileges. This means you will be charged each time you exit the garage.

Is my Express Program Pass good at all of the locations on iParkit?

Yes, in the spring of 2017, we enabled everyone's Program Pass to work at all of our garage's on iParkit.

Is the rate the same at all of the Express locations?

No. You will receive your employer or school discounted rate at your Primary Location(s). At your non-primary locations the rate will vary at each garage and you should check the Express Map to verify the price.

Promo Codes

How do I use a promo code?

We often have promo codes that can be used to discount parking reservations. After you select your garage, time, date and are signed in, you must hit RESERVE to advance to the checkout screen. There you will have the opportunity to enter a promo code and APPLY that to your rate.

What's the difference between a PROMO CODE and PROGRAM CODE?

There are two ways you can get a preferred rate. A PROMO CODE is used for a parking reservation that has a specific start and stop date. A PROGRAM CODE is based upon eligibility and registers you for iParkit Express.

Monthly Parking

I have a monthly account, but not an iParkit account. What should I do?

If you already have an InterPark monthly account and want online access, please contact us at with your customer ID and the email you would like to use. We will then get you a temporary password.

Can I use my commuter benefits or employee benefits card to pay my monthly balance?

Yes. You can use any commuter benefits card: Wage Works, Discovery Benefits, Visa Benefts, etc for automatic payment of your parking. However, we cannot accept Wage Works for a one-time payment. All other commuter benefits are eligible to make a one-time payment.

Can I use the iParkit app for monthly parking?

No. At this time you can only sign up for monthly parking and manage your account on our website. Please click "Monthly" at the top of the page. Thanks.

Can I enroll in auto bill? Can I have my monthly bill paid automatically each month?

In MY MONTHLY PROFILE, select CUSTOMER INFORMATION, then select ENROLL IN AUTOMATIC MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Once you Save/Update Info, you will be enrolled.