Express is a pay as you go feature that allows you to park without a reservation or a visit to the pay station. Just scan in and out using your Express Pass and we'll email you the receipt. Once scanned in, use the app to monitor your rate in real time and track where and how long you've been parked.

Before you park, use the app to view participating garages and get rate estimates.

After you've parked, use the app to find your receipt history, or wait until you get an email from us.

Need some help signing up?

  1. Search for iParkit on the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create an account. Select your city from the drop down. Keep program code blank unless instructed to sign up discount program
  3. You now have an express pass! This is the screen you'll see whenever you launch the app. Scan this pass to get into InterPark garages.
  4. Use your pass to scan in at participating Interpark garages. Hold you express pass barcode about 3 inches from the flashing red light. Once scanned in, your pass will show you how long you've been in the garage and how much you'll pay based on length of stay.
  5. You can also use the app to estimate rates before you park. Click "Find Parking," choose a garage, and estimate when you'll enter and exit. This rate is just an estimate, and you can be charged differently if your entry and exit times differ from what's on the estimator.
  6. When you scan out of the garage, we'll email you a receipt based on length of stay. You can also view receipt history in the app.